Products and Pricing

Robohand DIY Kits:

Robohand highly recommends the use of medical grade stainless steal hardware and medically appropriate Thermoplastic be used during DYI fabrication. Free online downloads at

Prices do not include shipping ($10 for Assembled Hand Kit/ $4 for Basic Hand Kit,/ $4 for Hardware Kit / $5 for 1/2 sheet of thermoplastic. (Continental US prices)

Robohand Kits

Kit Description


Partially Assembled Hand Kit

Fully Assembled 3D Hand with Brackets. Kit Includes medical grade Thermoplastic to make custom hand cap and forearm gauntlet and stainless steal screws for attachment. $500
 Basic Hand Kit (Unassembed) 3D printed Mechanical Hand and Brackets only. $150
Hardware Kit* All the Medical grade Stainless Steel Hardware needed to make any size Robohand. Includes Bungees and Cords. $65
Thermoplastic Medical grade thermoplastic to make hand cap and forearm gauntlet. (18 x 12 inches). $56


*Hardware would ideally be a one time cost. All sizes of hardware included and can be used for upgrades to larger Robohand for growing children. Hardware can be reused for new Robohands. 

Overview of Custom Fabricated Robohand Devices:


Assessment Criteria



Robohand For people missing all or some fingers and/or partial palm. Need to have a functional wrist with more than 30* wrist flexion (bending). Provides gross grasp(All fingers open/close together) $2,000 -$3,000
Roboarm For people missing fingers / hand and wrist. Need a functional elbow with more than 30* flexion (bending). Gross grasp as above. Hand can quickly/easily be adjusted to palm up/down or handshake position. $3,500-$6,000


A Word From Robohand

Robohand creator, Mr. Richard Van As, has dedicated much of his personnel time, energy and financial resources to further his personnel belief that his inventions “DO NO HARM”.

Robohand uses medical Thermoplastic that is custom molded to the wearer to limit the possibility of skin lesions, infection and injury. The Thermoplastic used by Robohand is washable and medically approved for this type of use.

A Robohand device is custom fitted which adds to client satisfaction. A proven statistic is 25% of people with prosthetics do not wear them due to discomfort. A custom fitted orthosis is the safest, most hygienic and comfortable way to transfers motion/strength to the Robohand device. Using medical Thermoplastic ensures Robohand will remain safe, clean and comfortable during use and long term wear.

Robohand uses stainless steel hardware that is less likely to fail or break, does not rust or discolor and decreases the risk of infection/injury. Dome nuts, on exposed screws, are used to decrease the likelihood of injury to ones self or others. Stainless steal hardware allows Robohand users to swim and bath without worry of harming ones self, others or the device.


Cost effectiveness – Every effort has and will continue to be made to keep Robohand devices cutting edge with innovative designs to increase function and manage cost while maintaining Robohand’s devotion to high product standards with the safest materials available.

Robohand’s mission is to help people with an upper limb difference, be independent to interact with the world so that they might live a more full and joyful life.