How to Get (or Make) a Custom Robohand Device

If you are interested in getting a custom made Robohand, here is what to do:

1.) Peruse the website, make sure a Robohand will work for your needs. Make sure the user fits the criteria for the device you are seeking. Consult Overview of Custom Fabricated Robohand Devices: in Products and Pricing tab.

2.) Call Robohand USA toll free at (888) 445-2176 with any questions and to discuss your details. You will most likely be asked to send pictures of the potential recipient’s hand: Front, back and side views. Side view picture is helpful to show a ruler on back of hand that can be read in picture. Video’s of hand use/ movement may also be needed. Pictures and video’s are asked to be sent via drop box to Tyhanna Esham using the email address 

3.) If you decide to DIY you can download any needed files from thingiverse, these can be found under question #1 in “Q&A” tab. You may want to purchase needed items from “Robohand DIY Kit” section in “Products and Pricing” tab. Items can be paid for via pay pal using the Donate button in the “How You Can Help” tab. Robohand will use the address you supplied in pay pal so double check to make sure it is correct. Don’t forget to add shipping! Then drop Robohand USA an email stating your name and the items you purchased, so that we have a way to contact you with any questions or concerns. Robohand will email you when items have been posted with a date you can expect your package. Please know that Robohand recommends having an experienced Occupational or Hand Therapist to assist with the thermoplastic hand cap and forearm gauntlet fabrication.

4.) If you prefer Robohand USA make you a custom Fabricated Robohand remotely, this can be done via a plaster cast. (Please refer to “How to Make an Arm Cast” tab.)  A deposit of 50% is due once the recipient is a confirmed candidate. Payment can be mailed via check with cast, or paid via paypal using donate button in “How You Can Help” tab. The remaining 50% payment will be due upon Robohand completion and prior to shipment.